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Cafédirect is asking British tea drinkers
to pledge to ‘think before you drink’

By pledging your support you are standing up for a better brew!

Did you know that the cost of producing tea has gone up by 94%, but the price paid for it has only gone up by 25%? The people bearing the brunt of this cost are not only those who can least afford it, they are also the source of the very best hand-picked tea: the smallholder growers.

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Your pledges will be shared with the tea industry to demand that they stop cutting corners and help shape a future that is better for the farmer and, ultimately, makes for a much tastier brew for you.

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The Report

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The report, RealiTEA, reveals that in order to offer tea at the low prices seen on UK shelves, corners have to be cut, at the expense of both the farmers and quality.

Machine cutting, which includes twigs and tougher lower leaves, is rapidly replacing the skill of hand plucking, which ensures that only the most tender top two leaves and bud on the bush are selected.

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